sionandreas (sionandreas) wrote,

The Curry Daunce (Choreography ; Inns of Court/ECD style)

Ye Curry Daunce
Honor & bransle ye man & yen ye woman; yen all a hoppe 2 singles & a double & yat again; 2 singles aside & back and turn a double, ye men & yen ye women; 
2 singles by ye side & fall back a double to ye left side & as much to ye right; Asides &c as afore;
  Process as afore; & asides &c as afore; 2 singles & a double turn by ye right, & back by ye left; Asides &c as afore; Process as afore & so end.

(Done to "Jogge on" from the CD: The King's Noise.)


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